American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons Seed Grant Program

Goal: To provide “seed” funding to jumpstart promising projects conducted by early career pediatric neurosurgeons. Ideally this funding will lead to substantial progress that transforms how we manage the care of individuals with pediatric neurosurgical issues and/or to additional extramural funding. Projects may span the breadth of the many challenges we face from basic, translational and clinical research and care, to education, advocacy and global health.

Award amount: $25,000 maximum per award.  Duration of award is 12 months.

Eligibility: ASPN members within 10 years of completion of post-residency fellowship. Each applicant may submit only one project per cycle.

Two-year Funding Cycle:

Initial application: November 1st midnight Eastern Standard time

Selected Proposal Presentation (up to 4):  ASPN meeting year 1

Funding (up to 2 awards):  March 1st of year 1

Interim progress report: December 1st of year 1

Completed Project Presentation: ASPN meeting year 2 or 3

Final progress report: June 1st of year 2

Application components: Format with 11 point Arial, 0.5 inch margins, single-space, compiled as one PDF         

Page 1           

  • Cover page
  • Contact information for grants office
  • Assurance to abide by IRB, IACUC as appropriate
  • Conflict of Interest attestation

Page 2           

  • Abstract/Summary 30 lines

Pages 3-5      

  • Project Strategy (3 p, including figures) that includes: 
  • Hypothesis and Specific Aims/Goals
  • Background and Pilot Data (if available)
  • Approach/Methods/Expected Outcomes/Alternatives
  • Power Analysis and Statistical Design, Milestones

Page 6           

  • Impact/Significance ~20 lines
  • Team/Environment composition ~15 lines
  • Budget and Budget Justification (no salary support for the PI applicant, direct costs only with no F&A)
  • References     unlimited, full references
  • NIH Biosketch of applicant

Evaluation Criteria: Impact, feasibility, potential for external funding and prior productivity

Applications will be reviewed by the ASPN Seed Grant Committee, and finalist will present to the membership at the Annual meeting. Finalist will be required to register, attend and present at the Annual meeting. The decision of the Seed Grant Committee is final. 

Email completed application to the Secretary of the ASPN, Gerald Grant - [email protected]